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What it is happening if peoples stop thinking?

If a crowd stops thinking about all consequences of their actions, a revolution it's about to start.

More we think at all the implications of our actions, more we are attempted to stop acting. Because of our preservation instinct we give more weight to those consequences which affects our personal safety.

In Algeria president Bouteflika resigned because his people stopped to think about fear! 

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We are made to think

It's how we are made, to think before acting. But it's not always the good way to follow. There are many situations when we must act without thinking too much.

I've been studying my self and I just concluded that I think so much that I don't have time to do the things I'm thinking about or time passes and the acting it's happening too late!

With this blog I decided to start acting more and thinking less!

In your opinion it's better to think or to act?

I don't expect answers like "the two actions cannot be separated" because I know that and I'm sure the rest of readers know it as well. I just wanna know where do you consider we must put more pressure.